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This is my personal professional development plan, which includes snapshots from different technology and elementary education blogs.  To create this professional development plan, I subscribed to several blogs about both technology in the classroom and elementary education ideas and practices.  At the point at which I created this particular version of my professional development plan, I selected the most interesting and useful posts and reflected on ways in which I could utilize the technology in my classroom.  My future goals, listed in my professional development plan, will be supported and achieved through my continual monitoring of my education RSS feed.  My professional development plan highlights my dedication to bringing and applying the newest technology in useful and exciting ways in my classroom.  This plan also demonstrates how I support my own professional growth in technology and my own continual learning.   Being able to use technology, whether it is the latest thing or an older technology that can be used in a creative and effective new way, is a skill of paramount importance in today's technology-driven education system.  Technology allows us to reach students in so many ways, and great teachers in today's world are those who effectively utilize the most interesting and most relevant technology.

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