To demonstrate my ability to incorporate the use of technology in a curriculum-related instructional activity to support understanding and inquiry, I have included on this page a digital story I created for fourth grade students.  I designed the digital story to inform students about the very early history of the colony of Maryland.  The digital story begins with the establishment of Maryland as a colony and ends during the colonists' first winter in Maryland.  I created the digital story to serve as an introduction to a fourth grade unit on the history of Maryland which would hopefully include a field trip to history St. Mary's City, where the museum staff pick up the story where the digital story leaves off.  The story is meant to hook students' attention and leave them curious about what will happen to the colonists.  This project showcases my ability to use technology to create a teaching and learning tool; I combined visual aids, a carefully worded script, animations/transitions, and appropriate music to create a movie that both informs and entertains.