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Page history last edited by Abigail MacLean-Blevins 10 years, 10 months ago

To demonstrate my ability to use technology to analyze problems and develop data-driven solutions for instructional and school improvement, I created a pre- and post- test using Turning Point Student Response System; I analyzed the results from each test to plan my instruction and determine my teaching effectiveness.   Included on this page are the following:

     Pre-test score report

     Post-test score report

     Analysis of student growth

During the pre-test, we had technical difficulties with the Turning Point clickers.  As a result, the report only includes an inconsistent cross-section of the class.  I asked students to also record their answers on paper so I could gather accurate and complete data on students’ prior knowledge; these are the scores I used to analyze student growth.  I adapted my unit plan based on the pre-test scores by focusing on topics about which students generally demonstrated little prior knowledge and spending less time reviewing information about which the vast majority of students were already informed.  The alteration to my instruction based on scores is a data-driven solution.  This use of clicker technology allows instant feedback for the teacher and students, provides an opportunity for the teacher to discuss misconceptions as they occur, and provides an interactive and novel means through which students can take a test without the pressures that typically accompany the testing environment.  

During the post-test, we again experienced technical difficulties, as the classroom computer was out of service.  Students again recorded their answers on notebook paper to allow me to determine their growth and analyze my own teaching effectiveness.  A single tailed, paired t-test of the gathered data revealed that student growth between the pre-test and the post-test was significant (p=0.0000553156).




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