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To engage students in instruction or review about nouns, I created a SMART Board lesson that defines nouns, provides practice with each category of nouns, and includes several different ways in which students can practice identifying nouns.  The lesson can be completed in whole group instruction with the teacher selecting students to work with the SMART Board for each activity, or can be completed by a student or small group of students independently.  Several of the pages have a function by which the students' responses are checked and feedback is provided immediately.  This format of lesson is particularly engaging for students for several reasons.  First, I have observed that students enjoy chances to use the latest and greatest technology that their school has to offer, and students seem to have an intuition about how to work technology like SMART Boards.  Secondly, the practice included in this lesson is varied, allowing students with different strengths and at different readiness levels to participate.  Lastly, the lesson has enough activities and opportunities for student participation that 25 students would be able to each complete one activity or one piece of an activity.  This SMART Board lesson demonstrates my ability to assess, evaluate, process, and apply information efficiently and effectively in both its content and its design.  The content of this lesson, though at a second- or third-grade level, is organized in a logical, easy-to-follow order that gradually introduces students to nouns.  The design of the lesson reveals my ability to process information about various types of learners into a single cohesive lesson. 


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