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The Learner and Learning

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During my placement in third grade, I designed and implemented a mini-unit to introduce students to the interpretation of fractions as part of a group; the fraction mini-unit plan describes daily objectives and activities. The unit incorporates lessons and activities from the Investigations manual as well as activities I created to facilitate learning and address different learners’ needs.  To create this unit plan and implement the unit, I drew upon my understanding of how learners grow and develop as well as my understanding of individual differences to create inclusive learning environments where all of my students can engage with the various developmentally appropriate and challenging learning experiences.  I carefully crafted and planned increasingly challenging objectives and activities to scaffold all of my students as they grew.  Understanding students’ individual learning needs and backgrounds is essential to creating an environment where all students can learn and excel.


To demonstrate my ability to create environments that support individual and collaborative learning, and encourage positive social interaction, active engagement in learning, and self-motivation as well as my understanding of individual differences and diverse cultures and communities, I created first day lesson plans detailing crucial administrative concerns as well as indispensable classroom culture-building activities.  These plans include such important considerations as the creation of classroom rules and mutual expectations, ice-breakers to allow students to get to know me and each other better, and establishment of important routines including group work, the classroom management system, and safety measures.  The clear establishment of rules, procedures, and respect for each individual in the classroom beginning on the first day is an essential starting place for the creation of a collaborative environment where students can feel safe, positively interact with peers and adults, and excel academically.  



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