In addition to being aware of and response to student needs in the classroom, I intend to remain aware of current theories of education, educational practice, and educational trends.  Educational research can be used to more fully understand a student’s situation, to spark ideas for new classroom systems, games, and lessons, and to present new theories of learning to use with learners for whom the existing educational schema is not working.  To exhibit my propensity to access and evaluate peer-reviewed research in order to make informed decisions about the merits of various educational practices, I have included my Master’s Research Project (MRP).  An integral part of my research was consulting existing research to validate my research as important and original.  My project centered around an online classroom management system, one of many new advancements in technology designed specifically for education.  My research into educational practice brought this site to my attention, and I found, through my research, that the site works well to help students focus on and increase positive learning behaviors.  Educational technology is a field which I find to be fascinating and extremely important as our world becomes increasingly more technology-driven, and I intend to keep up with current research on educational technology as well as educational practice and trends.