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     My teaching philosophy, and therefore my teaching practice, is centered around the individual student.  As a teacher, I strive to not only be a facilitator of learning and a purveyor of content information, but also an advocate for each of my students.  My students are learning to negotiate in the world around them; my sincerest wish for them is that they become successful negotiators without losing their individuality and that spark that shines so clearly now and makes them each unique.  To support the development of their individuality and to foster an appreciation in my students for the unique aspects of their peers, I focus on teaching through projects, experiments, and group work that allow students to explore real-world topics, make their own discoveries, and interact with their peers in meaningful and positive ways.  

Students carefully observing the focus of a scientific experiment and recording detailed observations.


     In addition to student-centered teaching practice, a core tenant of my teaching philosophy is the importance of technology both as a learning tool and as the content being studied.  Students of all ages and in varied educational situations are being asked to use technology with increasing frequency, as means of communication and as an aid to education.  Schools all over the country and the world are investing in new hardware, software, and technology training for teachers and students.  It seems clear to me that technology has become and will continue to be an integral part of the school experience for students.  As an elementary teacher, I believe that I can help to prepare my students by using technology, allowing them to use technology, and entering into discussions about technology.  

Students collaboratively creating a Power Point Presentation.


     The third aspect of my teaching philosophy reflects my significant experiences as a globally engaged student; however, these experiences were largely limited to my high school and college education.  I believe that students, from a young age, should be introduced to the wider world outside of their community, state, and country in a meaningful and authentic way.  Especially as our world becomes more connected through technology, students with a respect for other cultures and a deep understanding of themselves as part of a global community will be more prepared to enter the adult world.  Further, as our world faces global issues including poverty, famine, depletion of natural resources, and destruction of the environment, we need active, global citizens; I believe teachers are in a position to encourage students to become global citizens.  As a teacher, my goal is to provide students with authentic experiences in becoming involved on a global scale and to encourage students to become dynamic international residents of our world. 

Sharing photographs and information from a previous stay in The Gambia.


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